Saturday, February 07, 2009

A new series

Starting next wednesday, I'll be posting a new comics series created, written, pencilled, inked, colored and lettered right here by yours truly. Twice a
week, every wednesday and saturday each a new page.

I was writing this sort of essay, an introduction, if you will, to this new comic series of mine, rambling about all sorts of things, but then I had a change of mind. Let the work speak for itself, I thought.

So there, just a few lines, as a sort of announcement. I hope you come by and follow what I'll be building in the following months. If you find it intriguing enough, drop a few lines, comment and tell your friends about it.

Before we go, for the sake of credit where credit's due, I'll be using a font created by AIT's Larry Young (thanks, mr. Young!).

Until then!