Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Season of Madness at Amazon

So, I got two good news this week.

First was getting my comp copy of "Season of Madness" - the latest book I've illustrated for Airship 27 productions.

Second was knowing the book is now available at Amazon.

So what is the book about?
When a group of men and women throughout London begin exhibiting strange psychotic behavior, Dr. John Seward, from the Dracula affair, is brought into the case. Faced with a mystery beyond his realm of experiences, he turns to Sherlock Holmes' trusted companion, Dr. Watson, for help. Together these two men of science must uncover the riddle behind a white powder drug with the ability to drive people mad before the entire population is infected. Also includes a special bonus story, "The Electric Shark", starring Her Majesty's Secret Agent, Quincy Harker.

Last but not least, credit where credit's due, "Season of Madness" was written by Aaron Smith, features illustrations and back-cover by myself Pedro Cruz and cover by Rob Davis and Shane Evans.

You know how having a book around will make you seem all hip and intellectual. It also makes for a lovely Christmas present. Get one for your lovely half, for you mom, for your dad, for your brothers and sisters, for gramps and even for your mascot, be it cat, dog or parakeet. Don't forget to treat yourself with one copy too. Here's the amazon link. Now be a good sport and buy it.