Saturday, April 16, 2011

μετάνοια afterword

That's it. METANOIA is over.

Before the final curtain is drawn, I'd like to thank you, dear readers, for following this comic. I hope you had at least as much enjoyment reading it as I had creating it. Originally, the comic that came to be called METANOIA was supposed to be just another clichéd adventure story set a long, long time ago in a faraway place where the hero saves the girl and both live happily ever after. Then, as I began working on the thumbnails of the pages on my sketchbook, still trying to make sense of all the loose threads for the story I had in mind, something happened: the story and characters started to change, to suggest different directions in which to go... and I decided to go along with it and be surprised, hopefully taking you in as many surprises as myself!

If you want to read the whole story in one neat site without any other different posts in the middle, you can go to

As for the near future, this blog will proceed along with its usual heterogeneous mixture of drawings, writings and videos.