Thursday, December 28, 2006


For the next three days I'll post my three favourite music videoclips for 2006. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no longer as "in" the current pop/rock whatever you want to call it mainstream (?) music scene as I used to be a few years ago. My contact with what that creative world has to offer is maintained mostly through whatever radio station I happen to pick while driving and to random videoclips I stumble upon on tv or youtube. Still, I grew up watching music videoclips and find that "medium" - if it can be called so - just as interesting as the comics. The combination of film and music makes for some very compelling, emotional and, sometimes, inspirational audiovisual experience.

Finally, a warning : this is an entirely subjective selection based specifically on the videoclips I happenned to see in 2006. By picking these I am not particularly endorsing the bands, artists or albums involved. What I'm selecting here are specifically the videoclips for what they are - I'm no longer "hip" enough to care about band-cults or being a "fan".


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