Friday, February 01, 2008

cosmopolis #22


Blogger Neo_Azanulbizar said...

Once again (this time in English...) lets post a comment:
Pedro… long time no see. I am an avid COSMOPOLIS reader, and I sure think it is one of the must graphically well drawn comics nowadays. It clearly shows your foundation as an Architect and as a great “comics gold age” fan, I bet you reed a thousand miles pages (“kilometers” does not fits well in English…) of Batman on your young days. We should talk about it more when we were condemned to hard labor on the “Camara Lenta” (C.M.L.) as internals… Anyway I well try to maintain a frequent and coherent flux of posts from now on, and I hope some reply from you too.
For starters: What do you think about Schuiten and Peeters work? Can you tell if your work on COSMOPOLIS has, in any way, traces of them influence?
Keep on the good work. Greetings.

12:45 AM  
Blogger Pedro Cruz said...

Again, thanks for your kind words. Hey, at least COSMOPOLIS has one fan who bothers to write some comments even when no new strips have been posted for months!

Certainly comic strips from ancient times, like the Phantom, Mandrake, Flash Gordon or Prince Valiant did earn a special place in my heart as I hope can be seen in the format I'm using for COSMOPOLIS.

On the other hand, while there is certainly an overt reference to the great comic strips of the late'30s and '40s in COSMOPOLIS, I see more of a film influence on my work here, really.

Surprisingly enough, I didn't read that many Batman comics back in my "golden age" (when I was a kid), although the ones I read were pretty cool and had some great art by Jim Aparo and also some lovely reprints of Dick Sprang's work.

Schuitten and Peters really should do official adaptations of Jules Verne novels. They capture that sort of french steampunk world like no one else! And while I do think their work is visually spectacular, I also find their stories incredibly boring - they should have a little more adventure!

I don't think there's much trace of their influence on COSMOPOLIS, at least on a conscious level, but for all I know my stuff might even be more dull than theirs ;-)

11:38 AM  

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