Saturday, October 25, 2008

TOYS I - Superman

Ever since I was a small kid I always liked...what should I call them? Dolls? Figures? They're not necessarilly "action" figures as I like them just fine even when they don't move. Statues seems a bit pompous and it doesn't emcopass the so-called action (as in articulate)figures, which I like too. Miniatures might be a possible name...

Anyway, even as an adult I still have a fondness for these little toys. So here follows a series of posts with my most prized current possessions.

First of the line is "The Kingdom Come Superman". This was a wedding gift from a couple of great friends (Hi, Ivo and Nelson!) who are just as hopeless comic book geeks as me. It's a beautiful statuette of Alex Ross' design for his version of Superman. As years have gone by I have come to like less and less Mr. Ross' artstyle, but I still have a certain fondness for his visual approach to this character, taking him back to the roots of the strongman Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster originally imagined.

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