Saturday, February 18, 2012

After Watchmen

In comic book circles there's been a lot of talk recently on publisher DC comics' announcement of the release of a group of prequels to WATCHMEN, entitled BEFORE WATCHMEN. Tons of paragraphs retelling the whole story of Alan Moore's diatribes with DC comics concerning the rights, legalities and ethics of this whole affair have been extensively recorded on several different sources available on the internet.

Dr. Manhattan, for instances, couldn't help but notice how the pattern of repetitive clich├ęs usually depicted in popular fiction is mimicked in real life, predicting this whole story will end as usual and perpetuate a cycle that began long ago:
- powerful corporation goes against one of their hired craftsmen demand to stop production unless his rights are met and hires other craftsmen in order to create more of the same old corporate product;
- in order to make more money, retailers will make space on their shelves to receive the same old corporate product by putting aside other independent products which, while less known, depict more creativity and personal vision;
- consumers will pass new fresh products by independent craftsmen and opt to buy the same old corporate products to fulfill their psychological addiction;
- powerful corporation will maximize their profits;
- the status quo will be reinforced;
- in the future, this pattern will be repeated once again, either with this very same basic elements or other analogs with slight differences.

To this, Rorschach has responded that what many fail to grasp is that Moore's complaint isn't about the money. That's the thing that the people who condemn him and applaud DC comics' decision to create these sequels against Moore's wishes fail to understand - like the hands-for-hire behind these prequels, they're trapped in the influence of corruption and cannot see beyond profit, greed and gratification at all costs. Why does one's will matter against so many? Because there is good and there is evil, and evil must be punished. Even in the face of these prequels, Moore shall not compromise in this.

On the other hand, Ozymandias has replied to Alan Moore's plea for wanting this not to happen by simply answering "They already did it thirty-five minutes ago."

Silk Spectre and Nite Owl could not be reached at the moment.

As for The Comedian, he's dead.

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