Saturday, January 11, 2014

MY FAVORITE COMICS - DC Limited Collector's Edition #C-21 SHAZAM!

Shazam DC Treasury Edition #C-21 Another of the earliest comics I ever had, from way back before I could read the words on them. Originally published in 1973, this huge format anthology reprints several stories featuring the original Captain Marvel and elements of his family like Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel with beautiful artwork by C.C. Beck, Marc Swayze and MacRaboy. What better fantasy could a child ask than to be turned into an adult superhero with a single magic word?

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Blogger Neo_Azanulbizar said...

Once upon a time... I was a kid coming back from first grade school when I saw, on the street next to a gray trash bin, a bunch of comic books. They were brazilian editions of Captain Marvel, The Shadow and some Disney Classics (some of then, of not all, I bet were by Barks!*) What a great day!!! With the passing of time I lost those books...

The Captain Marvel was such a great series... and if I am not wrong... the stories were kinda funny... some of them almost "no sense narratives"... an I right or what???

* The "The Billion Dollar Safari" story was on one of the books...

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