Saturday, June 13, 2015

MY FAVORITE COMICS - Phoenix, A Tale of the Future

I found the work of Tezuka later on, as a young adult, which, I suppose, may not be the most apropriate age group for the majority of Tezuka's works. Nevertheless, it captivated me in a way that other more "serious" and "mature" comics from contemporary authors almost always fail to do so. Why? Well, beyond the beautiful artwork, filled with characters with incredibly cute and captivating designs, extremely appealling and sensual ink lines against very detailed and naturalistic backgrounds, there's this recurring approach to narrative through an emphasis on emotion and reader/character empathy that never fails to get ahold of this incurable romantic reader. The forbidden romance between Masato and Tamami, the jealousy of Rock, Professsor Saruta's desperate quest... on lesser hands it would all sound fake and clich├ęd. The surprising miracle, then, is that, somehow, Osamu Tezuka while createing these epic dramas with cute little fictional characters, manages to go against the odds and makes it all work beautifully. Amazing!

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