Sunday, August 06, 2006

Look!! Kids -- COMICS!!!

Another page of my own, this time for the upcoming Kirby Martin Inquest #1, from Nite Lite Theatre, written by Mike Hasseloff, pencilled and inked by me, featuring Mike's creation, The White Ghost. The art is already in the can, Mike's done with his part too and now it's up for the letterer to finish his job. Coming soon!


Blogger Mike Haseloff said...

Hah! Mike's part is done (finally!). :-p

That's a great page.
I think that's one I've shown to a few people before, and I must reiterate a point I've made before: People marvel at your hand drawn buildings and architecture.

It's probably terribly time consuming, but it's an incredible talent!

Still probing contacts (and other interweb sources) for an inker.
Hopefully in the next week or so that'll get started, and it won't take too long to get done.

Printing will probably take at least two weeks (possibly more), so hopefully we can squeeze as many pages out of a letterer as possible.

Great stuff, though!
Glad you slapped the page up! I was beginning to wonder... :-p

4:10 PM  
Blogger Pedro Cruz said...

..err... I think you mean "letterer" instead of "inker" :-)

12:54 AM  
Blogger Mike Haseloff said...

Seemingly so!

But on Earth-19, where they communicate with pictures, inkers do dialogue, and letterers do finishes on art.

4:46 AM  

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