Monday, July 30, 2007


Fianlly, it's here! The Kirby Martin Inquest #1

For one long summer a city feared a man whose penchant for silent entry by cover of night earned him the tabloid handle of -- "The Black Ghost." He killed many, before he was finally brought to justice by a vigilante who presented himself as the man's opposite -- The White Ghost.
What began as an act of desperation becomes a way of life for Charles Scott. Having made the acquaintance of an undercover operative during his pursuit of the killer. Scott becomes entangled in the mystery of his disappearance.
As White Ghost he continues a search for answers that may or may not be black and white.
In this character driven story from Nite Lite Theatre, the initial players in this mystery begin to reveal themselves, layered through the unique character driven perspective of Charles Scott.

Created, written and edited by Mike Haseloff, drawn by Pedro Cruz, cover by Ted Wing III

Official site here.
Preview it here.
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