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MY FAVORITE COMICS - The duck comics of Carl Barks

The work of the genius that was Carl Barks was a huge part of my comic book reading as a child and its effect still ressonates within me to this day. He was the first cartoonist whose artstyle I instantly recognized. His stories were so much better than most of the Disney stuff that I usually only bought the issues with his work. The world he created was so complete, his characters so lifelike and his stories so much fun to read that I can't pick up a favorite. In the early years between the time I could only grasp the meaning of books through pictures and the period where I was finally able to read properly, Disney comics ruled my world - they were cheap and accessible, available at any newsagent, therefore dominating most of my reading diet during those days.

There were tons of comics back then. You went to any newsagent and they could have a whole wall devoted to comics... and most of those were brazilian editions featuring Disney characters - Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy... and Uncle Scrooge.

Back then, I was simply interested in having fun, so the stories came first. The best, in Disney comics, almost invariably came on Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge stories. Slowly, I started to recognize a pattern, a way in which these particular stories I found so appealing were superior to all others - it was the way Uncle Scrooge, Donald and his nephews were drawn, as if they were alive; and the world in which they lived, as if Duckburg really existed somewhere; and the adventures they had, with references to stuff I might hear about on tv ... Whenever I was allowed to get a new comic, I'd first look inside and check which one brought stories by the "good" duck artist - that'd be the one I get!

Then, onde day, Editora Abril, the publisher responsible for the local translated editions, released a thick, 200 page edition dedicated to Carl Barks and I was finally able to put a name and a face along with the comics. These weren't the work of Walt Disney. These weren't the work of some committee. These were the work of one man: Carl Barks. Thank you, Mr. Barks!

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Blogger Neo_Azanulbizar said...

Carl Barks...

I think there was a "The Complete Works" portuguese edition some years ago... that escaped me!!! I love Barks work... at Disney and after! I always wanted to write to him and never found the time to do it properly... and then I discovered he was not alive between us anymore... too late then!

Some years ago I made friendship with an north american couple from the state of Florida which are great collectors of Barks oil paintings and limited printed editions... on that Christmas, to my surprise, I received a package with the USPS stamp on it... inside there was a little promotional color lithography entitled "An Embarrassment Of Riches"... what an happy season it was!!!

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