Saturday, July 19, 2014

MY FAVORITE COMICS - Adam Warlock by Jim Starlin

Warlock. Adam Warlock. Jack Kirby created Him. Gil Kane transfigured him. Jim Starlin elevated him.

I wasn't familiar with neither Kirby nor Kane's versions of the character when I first came across the Jim Starlin comics, but that might have been for the better because this could just as well be an entirely new character. I clearly remember being totally mystified by Starlin's vigorous artwork and trippy stories when I first came across it. These comics had all the same qualities I had come to identify with Marvel (that strangeness, manic, hallucinogenic, almost paranoid quality that was absent from DC comics superfriends) elevated to a much higher level. To a then-seven/eight-year old kid, this was beyond superheroes. All the basic elements of the genre (the fantasy, the angst, the melodrama, the epic scale) were pumped up to another level. And then... Starlin killed Adam Warlock. The perfect ending ... if only it had been let well enough alone.

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