Saturday, December 13, 2014

MY FAVORITE COMICS - "Panther's Rage" from Jungle Action #6-18

The Black Panther by Billy Graham

It all seems so quaint now, but back when I was a kid this storyline had me on the edge of the seat as to what would happen next. It was one of those comics where I felt totally submerged on the story and couldn't separate the art from the writing - it was a total experience and I loved it. The Black Panther seemed like the most noble hero out of all the marvel pantheon - this was someone fighting for his people. And the villain! To a kid, Erik Killmonger looked great and had just enough edge for me to actually wonder if the Panther would manage to defeat him. Plus, this comic had Dinossaurs and Killer Albino Apes!  What else could a young boy ask for? Even after all these years, with all the scepticism and remove from this material that time has brought to me, I still get a chill when I look at these pages and panels...

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