Saturday, October 04, 2014


   My relationship with Lucky Luke is similar to what I have with Astérix, although I'd say that the later is closer to my heart than the former simply because I've read more Astérix books than Lucky Luke. Both are pretty much synonymous with comic books on Europe, yet they've also managed to transcend the medium to the point where they've become popular culture icons, which makes it hard to have some degree of objectivity analising them. Again, just as with Astérix, my contact with Lucky Luke came via my uncle and cousins who had most if not all of the character's albums. As a kid, the only Lucky Luke comics I was lucky enough to get were "Western Circus" and "La Caravane", both of which, coincidentally enough, I'd rank as different from what the popular perception usually equates with Lucky Luke books - no Daltons, no Rantanplan...
While this is french-belgium bande-dessinée, I can't help but think that if there's anything worthy of being called "comics", it's these books. Morris and Goscinny's mastery of the medium exudes with caricature and humor of the finest kind. Another of the lasting impressions I was left with from these two particular books were the unforgetable secondary characters. To this day I can't help but smile whenever I remember Nelson the one-eyed vegetarian lion, the drunk Ringmaster (a caricature of W.C. Fields) or Ugly Barrow the constantly cursing wagon driver. Fun stuff!

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