Saturday, September 20, 2014


Anyone reading this sequence of posts must be thinking I was a marvel zombie. Well, while I did read far too many marvel comics for my own good (they were cheap and easy to come by), my comic book reading diet as a kid was composed of other stuff as well, like Disney comics, Harvey comics (Richie Rich and Friends), Brazilian Turma da Mónica and, naturally, european comics too. Out of these later, one that sticks out as a personal favorite was the first volume of Roger Leloup's Yoko Tsuno "Le Trio de l'étrange". Again, as in other cases, my love for science-fiction probably had a hand on my love for this comic. Also, this is one of those cases where I remember enjoying Leloup's artwork so much that I copied quite a few pages of this book. Everything was so cool and nicely drawn - the characters, the spaceships, the alien civilization... speaking of which and looking back, I wonder if the skin color of the aliens who show up in this comic played a role (subconsciously) on how I handled that aspect of the Annunaki on my own The Mighty Enlil...?  

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