Saturday, August 16, 2014

MY FAVORITE COMICS - The Incredible Hulk #241-272

This is it! One of my fondest runs of superhero comics from my childhood! Just plain, simple old-school marvel. Unassuming, unpretentious, technically competent, mainstream adventure comics (a rarity nowadays, imho).

Sal Buscema's artwork was what I immediately equaled with marvel/superhero comics in my mind and it grabbed me like no one else's. The story formula was pretty simple yet effective for its intended audience (kids): each issue (or at most every two issues) the Hulk confronted a brand new or different threat/character(s). There were so many of them I first came across on these pages : Doc Samson, 3-D Man, Woodgod and the Changellings, the U-Foes, Sabra, the Arabian Knight, the Soviet Supersoldiers, the Presence, Red Guardian, Dr. Phobos, Glazier, Landslide, Night Flier, Corruptor, the Texas Rangers, the High Evolutionary, Glorian, the Shapper of Worlds, Bereet, Empress Daydra, the Hulk-hunters, Rocket Raccon, Wendigo. Colorful, unusual, sharply designed discardable characters that populated the mindscape of my (and I would assume several other readers as well) imagination.

While Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema  proceeded with their creative run on the title until issue 309, after issue 272,  Sal Buscema stopped inking his own drawings and my interest dropped. Even though there were some entertaining tales afterwards, the art without Buscema's inks just wasn't the same and somehow the Banner-controlled Hulk stories didn't grab me the same way (and the less said about the later Nightmare/Crossroads/Gerry Talaoc-inked issues, the better, imho).

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