Saturday, June 20, 2015


 It would be so easy to pick up the whole Locas stories as a favorite but I'd rather not, I think it's much more fun to single out one story... A long time ago, during my idle spent teen years, I discovered the incredible world of Jaime Hernandez through reprints on a now defunct brazilian comix anthology. The artwork was drop-dead gorgeous then and still is now. A few years down the line I came across a Titan Books compilation with a bunch of Jaime's stories. Among them was this little gem of which I had seen the author himself reading a few pages on Comic Book Confidential, a documentary featuring a bunch of luminary north-american cartoonists which I had been lucky enough to catch on tv! So, I decided to pick "100 Rooms" to run here for purely nostalgic reasons. Jaime, Maggie, Hopey and co. have since then gone on to much greater  heights in terms of storytelling... but I'm still waiting for Casey and Maggie to meet again ;-)

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