Saturday, March 29, 2014

MY FAVORITE COMICS - Fantastic Four #44-51

Widely regarded by many as the highest pinnacle of Jack Kirby's output at marvel comics in the 1960s, I read this sequence of comics through reprints scattered here and there that I managed to hunt through more than a decade, starting when I was around six years old. If you put aside all the continuity baggage and heritage these comics would develop later on and try to read them as purely as possible, it's like experiencing a dream: there's a rapid succession of developing events and unexpected characters that seem to come out of nowhere and you're never quite sure what to make of it or where it will all lead. Still, the story never stops making sense, even if in a nonsensical way, just like in dreams. The stakes just keep on being raised to ever more incredibly heights, starting with the introduction of an hidden race of superpowered creatures until the point where the protagonists are up against God on a conflict of biblical proportions, yet the human dimension is never lost. The characters still have to deal with everyday matters like getting a dish-washer fixed, falling in love, shaving, going to college or being depressed... Like I said, it looks and feels like a dream, blending the common with the incredible and blurring the edges between the real and the unreal. Trust me, looking back as an adult here's what I can tell you: superhero comics don't get better than this!  

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