Saturday, March 01, 2014

My FAVORITE COMICS - Valérian & Laureline

  For a kid raised on a unhealthy diet of Star Wars, 1980's science-fictions movies with incredible synth soundtracks and pre-CGI special effects, plus all sorts of  tv shows riding on George Lucas coattails like Battlestar GalacticaBuck Rogers in the 25th Century or V, the BD albums of Valérian & Laureline were the REAL DEAL. Its debut album, La Cité des Eaux Mouvantes was one of the first comics I clearly remember reading over and over and over again... I think I was half convinced the world was indeed going to "end" in 1986. After that, all the subsequent albums just kept getting better and better and better until the dyptic "Metro Châtelet, Direction Cassiopée"/"Brooklyn Station, Terminus Cosmos", imho the series unforgettable zenith. And I still have a crush on Laureline, definitely one of my all-time favorite comic book heroines.

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