Saturday, July 04, 2015


What's not to like about this bande-dessinnee, the long-lost love child of David Lynch and Walt Disney? Much has been said about comics innability to genuinely scare but this is one of the creepiest works I've ever experienced, in or outside comics. Answers remain elusive after a first reading and subsequent raids into this wordless masterpiece will only deepen the mysteries. Coincidentally, I remember reading somewhere in the internet that it could be interpreted as Nicolas De Crecy's comeback on Sylvain Chomet for the uncredited inspiration, to put it mildly, that The Triplettes of Belleville (which I quite like, btw) owe to the creative works of De Crecy and that terminated any hopes readers might've had of a Leon La Came follow-up from the duo. All in all, whichever way you wish to read it, this is one of those comics that will linger on long after its final panel. Like I said, creepy...

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