Saturday, April 05, 2014

MY FAVORITE COMICS - "The Origin of Doctor Strange" from Strange Tales #115

Why does Hollywood keep on redoing the origin of popular characters whose genesis everybody already knows? Why do origin tales inspire so much fascination among people? Could its source be the mysteries surrounding our own collective origins? Is there such a thing as a perfect origin story for a character? Whatever the answers to those questions might be, I know that one of my personal favorite origin stories of a comic book character is this short comic originally published in the 1960s. It entered my life many years later through a reprint when I was around seven. There was something so perfect about how everything came together on this one, from Steve Ditko's simple yet expressive drawings to the character journey of the arrogant doctor turned humble pupil. In fact, it's so perfect, I find no personal need for any further Doctor Strange stories.

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