Saturday, July 25, 2015


Charles Burns, another author whose comics I was first introduced to through the Comic Book Confidential documentary. In that film, he reads a passage from Curse of the Molemen. an interesting riff on 1950s pop artifacts like EC horror comics and B-series movies. The strange yet familiar atmosphere of the drawings and the deceptively simple, layered storyline were mesmerizing and left a deep mark on my imagination. It would take years before I'd finally get a copy of the anthology featuring the adventures of Tony Delmonto ( also known as Big Baby ) and read other stories set on the world of Burns. His comics brought back feelings I hadn't experienced since my early comic book reading days discovering 70's marvel superheroes, getting that same sense of repulse and attraction over such beautiful representations of ugliness.
  Little did I know that years later Burns would dig even deeper into his disturbing imagination and bring us dark pearls like Black Hole...

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