Saturday, July 18, 2015

MY FAVORITE COMICS - I killed Adolf Hitler

 Don't let yourself be deceived by the pop culture contraptions. Jason is a genius and his comics are among the very best being done right now. Really, there's no other way for me to put it. Each new comic from this norwegian cartoonist feels like a gold nugget found on the river sands of the comic book market. Classic but fresh; humble yet bold; succint and sophisticated, All at the same time. Jason's comics are never hard on the eyes, they always read smoothly, his storytelling is crystal clear and his characters feel much more human (for antropomorphic animals) than the usual stack of types that populate comics.
 Honestly, I could pick any of his other comics to showcase here, they all rank among my favorite readings and never fail to please me, but I'll stick with this one just for the sake of being the first of his books that I read. 

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