Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Amazing Harry Houdini !

Just received the good news from my friends at Airship 27 that the latest book I've illustrated for them, "The Amazing Harry Houdini" has been released.

Here's what editor Ron Fortier had to say about it:

This awesome books stars perhaps the most famous magician-escape artist of all time in four fictional adventures set against the backdrop of his world tour. The first two stories are set in London and written by Jim Beard and James Palmer, the third has Houdini in Paris by I.A. Watson and finally writer Roman Leary puts him on the Nord Express bound for Berlin. The cover art is by Carl Yonder with beautiful interior illustrations by Pedro Cruz. To say we are proud as punch about this book would be a gross understatement. As ever it is now available at in both hard copy and on Kindle….and eventually some time next year as yet another of our Airship 27 Audio titles.

As an extra bonus here's one of interior illos I had the pleasure of creating for this thrilling new pulp!

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